IT Solutions

Addressing resources that meets the NextGen challenges for this region. Development in world class infrastructures like tallest building, man-made islands, driverless Metro, and many more, the Information Technology (ICT) helps develop NextGen and maintain technological edge.
Products and solutions ranges from:

  • Robotics Program for schools 5th to 8th grades
  • Education Portal for all 4 parties involvement from parents to school administrator to teachers to students for shaping better Y Generation
  • EPMS (Employee Performance Management System) for monitoring, recognizing, and rewarding “Performance” as part of sustain human development
  • CRM (Customer Relation Management) for evaluating services rendered by the people to maintaining dividends
  • ERP (Enterprising Reporting Program) to help managements for updating and better reporting system
  • E-learning to create interest and effective interactive learning system
Provectus Middle East is working with industry professionals and local authorities to develop the sustainable human resources. The products and solution ranges from:

Team Work - HRMS

EPMS Components
  • Prism - candidate profiling and assessment
  • Interview checklist
  • Job task inventory
  • Competency wheel
  • Career planning
  • Individual development plan
  • Coaching process
  • Mentoring process
  • Job rotation
  • Project exposures
  • Job pre-requisites certification
  • Confirmation to position
  • Succession planning

Robotrust - Robotics Presentation Provectus