Emiratization / National Development

Who Are We?


The team at Bida’yatek comprises of professionals who has held senior roles in the Oil & gas sector, such as Qatar Gas, ADGAS, Saudi Aramco; ART (Arab Radio & Television) FMCG, banks, health authority, hospitality, and also managing & operating Direct English, English language training center developing English language courses for vocational English and developing competence for regional Banks, Hospitals, and other governmental agencies.  Their work designations include: HR Consultation, T&D management, nationalization programs, Career Development, and Program Development and Evaluation Analysis.

Provectus is providing a realistic and tailor made Emiratization process and placement solutions according to the clients’ need.


Bida’yatek, in Arabic means…Your Beginning. Your Beginning to starting a career and empowering employees for a sustainable human capital.

Bida’yatek specializes in providing a comprehensive Emiratization process from recruitment to the development of human capita; and HR management tools to confirmation to position in-conjunction with end users’ requirement with a time frame, resulting to a Guaranteed Emiratization Solution!


Assisting companies / organizations in integrating Emirati in workforce as an equal partner for sustainable human resources.

  • P. S. P Driven
  • Competency Development
  • Career Development
  • EPMS System

Current Challenges

Lack of an Integrated Solution for:

  • Identifying type of resources an organization requires
  • Providing proper job definition for each and every job
  • Planning intake process
  • Executing intake process
  • Selecting right candidate for right job
  • Job profiling
  • Defining competency matrix for each and every one
  • Training & development for competency skills
  • Proper retention & development process
  • Well defined KPIs
  • Well defined performance appraisals
  • Decision making


Benefits to the Appraisee:

  • To increase job satisfaction
  • To be trained and developed further
  • To be given feedback of work done
  • To know what is expected of the employee
  • To know how employee is progressing
  • To open better communication process with supervisors
  • Provides opportunities to raise concerns/issues and seek direction
  • Provides opportunities to discuss & clarify training and development needs
  • Provides opportunities to discuss career direction and prospects




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